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Ernie went to heaven on Sunday so I wanted to honor him. He was such a sweet boy and was with me for many apartment moves, he lived in 4 states and had many ‘dads’ (ex boyfriends haha). When he was young he loved to chase kitties and play with one toy, his ball. It’s the only toy he ever liked and his sister liked every toy. It was a cheetah print squeaky toy and he loved to parade around with it when he greeted me when I’d come home. He was always on the lazy side.. he loved to sleep and find creative resting places and sneak his way into my instagram photos. These pictures make me happy and sad as he lived a great life, but he looked much worse in his final days (I’ll spare you the pictures).

It’s hard to talk about it but on Sunday I made the decision to put my dog down. I read so many articles about when to know when ‘it’s time.’ And every article I read said it’s better to do it one day too soon rather than one day too late. To have them suffer in pain. He was 13, almost blind and deaf, he no longer greeted me when I came home (which killed me, as all dogs do). He always had a little selective hearing (as all men do haha) but it just got worse with age. I’d ask him in my high pitched voice “Ernie, do you want to go for a walk?” and he’d have no response. He no longer wanted his ball, couldn’t go up or down stairs and would get disoriented on walks; I’d have to pick him up on walks when he was in the middle of the street and would refuse to walk. He’d run into furniture, stare at walls and sleep all day. Then it got worse. He developed Alopecia and I could tell it really bothered him. His hair started to fall out, his pink skin started to turn black and he’d lick it non-stop. Medicine and extra love didn’t seem to help. His mouth foamed after eating and he’d puke soon after.

I thought.. do I keep him alive for me or let him suffer longer. His joys from his youth he was no longer interested in and I knew it was his time, time to put my dog down. This is a terrible decision for anyone to have to face, but now he is free from his body holding him back and he can again case kitties in heaven.


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