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So clearly my hair does not hold up in the wind! Sometimes it sucks when I book a photog and the weather is bad. One blogging tip I would say for photography is to watch the weather!!! I mean, you California bloggers are lucky, but here in New York it is an issue! My favorite photographer is booked until May 30th so I pray the weather is good that day. Good weather to me for a shoot is the following: no rain, not noon hour and wind speeds under 10 miles per hour. Rain is obvious, the noon o’clock hour tends to have overly bright light that doesn’t photograph well and wind speeds for me are the absolute worst!!! My hair looks crazy in windy weather – flies in my face and have random flyaways as shown above! haha

I picked up this bow sweatshirt over Christmas and felt like dressing it up with my pleated skirt. I love anything with a bow, so this top was right up my alley. My pleated skirt I have been wearing on repeat because it goes with everything!! Tonight I’m grabbing dinner and drinks in the West Village!