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One of the main reasons why I started Styled American was to connect more with my readers. I originally started It Girl Weddings and wanted a place to talk about fashion, travel and lifestyle. It has been a fun journey and thank you for following along. I hope to inspire you each day! In an effort for you to get to know me better I thought it’d be fun to share 10 random facts about me! So let the facts begin!

I am TERRIBLE with cell phones. I actually have two phone lines so I get a free upgrade at least once a year. I’ve been known to drop them in water, leave them in cabs, put them through the washing machine and crack them to no end. The only thing I don’t like about having my cell phone insurance is that I get refurbished phones that tend to have their own issues. Like an ‘R’ not working or something else devastating. As a blogger, I’m trying to be more careful!!

This leads me to my next point which is that I’m incredibly clumsy! You might have noticed in a few posts that I’ll have a skinned knee or random red mark on my leg, that’s because I’ll miss steps and randomly fall everywhere! It’s super embarrassing!

I love to hum! How weird is this? When I used to drive a car in California I loved to sing in the car, so now when I’m commuting on the subway or walking a long distance I hum until I notice people can hear me. It ranges from a latest hit song to literally “I’ve been working on the railroad..”

I pride myself on being present. Being a blogger and in this age sometimes it’s hard to unplug, but when I’m at lunch or dinner with friends or family I put my phone away and try to be present in the moment.

My background is in real estate. I actually passed the real estate test in California, Arizona and New York. If I wasn’t blogging I’d probably be working at a commercial real estate landlord or brokerage.

I wear extensions. Almost everyday. I love them! I like them for thickness and also a little length. I’ve been getting them from a company out of San Diego and would definitely recommend them!!

Travel is my favorite hobby aside from fashion. The entire world is on my travel list. Again, again and again. I have been to London, Paris and many cities in Italy and would go back any day of the week!

Currently I live in the West Village. I have previously lived in midtown east, the upper west side and Chelsea, but this is my favorite neighborhood! I don’t have the fabulous views I once had but I love that restaurants are steps away and all my friends stop by more often because I’m in a really accessible area.

My favorite food and drink of choice? Food is definitely whole wheat pasta with red sauce or burritos. I’m sort of obsessed with both. I eat one of these almost everyday! And in terms of drinks I typically only drink three things. Water, coffee and wine!

I have lived in four states. I was made in California. Refined in Oregon and Arizona. And captured by New York.

Hope you enjoyed these random facts about me!