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Update on the story of William

Pour a glass of wine for this one. I recently decided to start talking about my dating life, not to torture myself, but because I think some of the stories are super entertaining and maybe girls can learn something. I sure haven’t learned anything, but hopefully you can or at least be entertained. In the last post I mentioned I started to notice red flags…

He was my best friend. We talked all day on the phone and texted. He would drop everything he was doing to help me if I had a problem. Even if he didn’t know how to fix it, he’d drop everything to find a solution. When Ellie’s nightmare began, William helped me find the one-and-only dog ophthalmologist in New York who was working that day because she needed immediate surgery.

Then one day he told me he was out with coworkers and sent me a picture. I am kind of like the FBI with phones so I downloaded the picture to my camera role. It was Thursday and the picture was taken on Monday, so that’s a lie. Why would he lie about something so minor? Probably because he was doing something he didn’t want me to know. I let him get away with a few white lies because we were long-distance with him in Chicago and me in New York and we were’t exclusive yet.

The next lie makes all my girlfriends laugh, because it’s actually kind of so stupid on his part. William was just a terrible liar, he couldn’t help it. He sent me a couple pictures of what he had done to his garden at his family’s house in Wisconsin. What he didn’t realize is that he screenshot his camera role at the bottom of his garden pictures. I zoomed in on the pictures to see his camera role and found screenshots of Tinder dates, shirtless mirror selfies, etc. It was bad.

I no longer trusted him. And thought, we need to either break up or have the exclusive talk. At this point his family loved me, I went out to their family house every time I visited him, helped his sister with her business, hung out alone with his mom in New York. It was so confusing. Why would he have me be so in with the family and want to date other people?


Okay get ready to laugh guys because this is an entire curve ball to the story aside from the dishonestly and poor use of a cell phone to cover it up. The vanity. He was athletic, wanted to run like 10 miles everyday which seemed extreme to me, but normal. He then told me he wanted to get his teeth whitened. Also normal. He then told me he wanted to get his hair color corrected. Kind of strange. That turned into him telling me he was getting Botox once a month. I wasn’t even getting Botox. It made me think, does he think I need it?

When I went to lunch with him in Chicago with 4 of my girlfriends I asked them to tell me if they thought William was gay. He was just very feminine in the way he spoke and was very into fashion. He’d plan out his outfits for the week and wanted to be the best dressed in the office over focusing on generating business and getting clients. We all went in the restroom and I asked them.. ”so? ” And one of my girlfriends was like “‘100% yes! But he’s fabulous, maybe you can just marry a gay guy!” But I thought, he’s a grown man, why would he not have come out by now?

Around five months in at this point, I found out he was getting testosterone injections because his estrogen levels were too high. I could’ve told you that! There’s more. He then told me he was getting HGH injections to stay looking younger. (HGH injections are very controversial because some say they can multiply your cells, so if you have a disease like cancer, it can multiply the cancer twice as fast). So he was choosing looking younger over health in my opinion, but I’m no doctor. He is the most vain person I have ever met at this point.

There’s more. William told me he had a hernia and needed surgery. And he did, this was true. I kept encouraging him to make the appointment for the surgery and he finally did. Or so I thought. Then I was able to squeeze out of him that instead of getting his hernia taken care of, he scheduled surgery for plastic surgery. William scheduled a tummy tuck and a nose job. And from running 10 miles a day, he was a stick, you couldn’t pinch his stomach because there was nothing to pinch. I have never had plastic surgery and it just made me think when he looks at me, what does he think I need?

The vanity was something I could’ve learned to live with. The lying and dishonesty I could not. I’ll let you know how this lovely story ended in my final post about him. haha



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I was shopping for my upcoming spring trip and had to share some of these gems. Spring picks that are perfect for your next beach vacay or weekend wear. I’m majorly crushing on this yellow clutch (also available in pink). I love how it’s embroidered and the blue details on it with tassels. Speaking on tassels, loving this beach tote with pink woven ribbon and tassels. Pom-poms have been ‘in’ for a few seasons now, so I’m sure these pom-pom sandals will sell out quickly! Unless the retailer is smart like I think they are and have a heavy hand with the stocking button.

Whenever I shop I love to checkout sleepwear, especially graphic tees. And this one is super cute and love the length. In the spring I always love to have wraps of light scarfs to wear over my outfits. I think it adds a little extra. So I was super excited when I found this wrap to style with white denim and wedges or a jean skirt. In my last style map, I recommended a pair of white denim which I love! I wear white denim year round. Hair bows are all the range right now to wear with a ponytail or a half-up do, and this one comes in several colors.

What is your favorite from these spring picks?

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I was super excited when I found this hot pink dress, I love the color and how flowy it is. It is the perfect Valentine’s Day dress! I paired it with these velvet pumps that are even cuter in person! They are so soft and comfy, I didn’t want to take them off! To keep this kind of a wintery look, I wore my new favorite faux fur clutch. Last year I had a red moment in this Valentine’s Day dress.

Today is day 2 of New York Fashion Week. I kicked it off yesterday with Pamella Roland. A lot of her designs make their way to Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman. I shared some of my favorites on my instagram stories. The collection had a lot of embellishments and fringe. I hope I have a super fun event soon to wear one of her gowns! Excited to share more with you this week!

Today I have a BCBGmaxazria presentation this morning, a few panels and a #Metoo Fashion Show this afternoon. Should be a fun day 2 of New York Fashion Week!


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It was absolutely FREEZING when my friends and I went to Montreal, so we didn’t get to do as much exploring as we would’ve liked. It’s a super charming French/English speaking city and after loving Quebec City so much I was so excited to visit. We were only here for a weekend but here’s a few of the places we went that I loved.


L Hotel | We stayed at L Hotel which was located right in the heart of Old Montreal. It was close to great restaurants and cafes and things to do, we didn’t have to take a taxi the entire time. Our room was roomy and we loved our hotel bar. The staff was incredibly helpful in helping us determine exactly what we were looking for.


Marche de La Villette | This was our absolute favorite! The food was exactly what we were looking for.. very French, but even better than the food was the wait staff. They has us laughing the entire time! Since it was snowing at the time, we ending up staying a few hours. It was super cozy on the inside and we got the perfect table next to the window to watch the snow fall.

Le Confessional | My friend Dani and I went here while we were waiting for our friend Christine’s flight from Chicago to come in. It was very modern, had a cool atmosphere and had a super friendly wait staff.

Les 3 Brasseurs | This place we actually stumbled upon when we were exploring. If you go here you have to get the s’mores. It’s like having a campfire at your table!

Cafe Tommy | This place is super instagramable and a great place to stop into to grab a coffee in the morning. We went for lunch and I had tomato soup and a stuffed grilled cheese, yummy comfort food for a snowy day!


UPDATE: ON MY NYC REAL ESTATE LICENSE fuzzy white crop sweater and gold skirt majorelle sweater and asos skirt
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UPDATE to this post: Real Estate License in New York

The NY department of real estate is accepting my schooling in AZ annnnnddd CA (extra credit!) so I don’t have to go back to school for a test I already passed in the state of New York. So I now have my real estate license in New York state! I still want to blog always. I actually starting blogging just for fun as a way to express myself 4 years ago, not as a career, but it just turned out that way. I’ll still be creating content and blogging whether I have 100 people reading or millions. Blogging for me started as a way for me to be authentic and have a voice and a point of view, and it still is.

I’m excited to get back into real estate, this time in the state of New York and work for a company where I can do everything from sales, to rentals and even commercial. I have practiced before in California and Arizona so this is exciting for me. I’ll be sharing where I will be working soon!

I shot these pics with my photog when it was FREEZING in NYC.. I mean like 12 degrees. We actually shot a lot in Grand Central because he was complaining too much (YES! he complains more than me even though he gets to wear like 4 coats). But I’m impressed that he has gotten better at night shots. We shot mostly inside Grand Central and then stepped outside real quick to get these night shots.

I looooove this cozy sweater. It’s so cozy and goes perfectly with a skirt or a high-waisted pant. And these boots I’ve worn in many posts!