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DRESS Bobi | TOTE Tory Burch | BOOTS Club Monaco (Wendee Boot sold out)

I have two new obsessions; this Tory tote and knot dress. I don’t wear a lot of form fitting dresses but I love the knot detail at the hip on this one. It’s so feminine and flattering. Pluuuussss it’s currently marked 30% off! I haven’t worn this designer before, but it looks like she carries a lot of basics and classic pieces with an edge. I’m a fan to say the least.

This new tote I couldn’t resist wearing when I got it even though I actually picked it up for summer. I am obsessed with orange, but this tote also comes in five other colors (depending on where you shop!). And the best part? This bag is super affordable! Under $200 which is a steal for miss Tory Burch!

I couldn’t end this post without talking about my boots. If you have been following me for awhile you already know I’m obsessed. I have been looking everywhere and it looks like they are sold out! 🙁 I’ve worn them in a lot of posts but my favorites are here and here and at the Club Monaco presentation in February.




CROP TOP Forever 21 | SKIRT ASOS | THE HIGHLAND BOOT Stuart Weitzman | BAG Tory Burch | TASSEL EARRINGS Bauble Bar (comes in 8 colors!)

Ever since I got the highland boot I have been wearing them nonstop! Now that the snow is melted I love being able to wear suede boots again. I love the grey color and they are so flattering because they tie in the back. The highland over the knee boot is definitely an investment piece so I’m linking two dupes here and here. These boots are perfect all year round for days it’s not raining or snowing! Rain and snow can really ruin suede boots!

Also if you are looking for great earrings for spring, these tassel earrings are only $36 and come in 8 fun colors. And the blush pink color I got goes perfectly with my Tory Burch micro fleming bag. They aren’t two heavy which I love because I can’t wear heavy earrings and they are a fun way to add color to an outfit. I’m picking up a bunch of new styles for spring and summer.

Over the weekend I went to a birthday party in the lower east side on Saturday night and brunch the following day in gramercy so I’m a bit tired this morning! Already on my second cappuccino! Cue the emoji with glasses! In the post about my kitchen, I shared some of the pieces from my New York City apartment and my cappuccino machine is one of my favorites. It gets usage daily, actually several times a day!!!


my-kitchen nyc-two-seat-dining-table yellow-cookware

TOP Topshop | SKIRT ASOS | PUMPS Christian Louboutin | TABLE International Concepts | CHAIRS Inspire | PLATES Crate & Barrel | PINEAPPLE BOWL Ankit | GOLD FLATWARE Crate & Barrel | COOKWARE SET SilverStone | GOLD COFFEE MUG Anthropologie

I moved into this NYC apartment over the summer and although it’s not much larger than a shoe box, I love it. My last apartment was bigger and had an incredible view overlooking the High Line and the Hudson River, but I didn’t like the neighborhood as much as it was really far from a subway (two avenues which is far!) and it was really expensive for what I was paying. This new NYC apartment is in the West Village and close to everything! Subways, the best restaurants, amazing shopping and so many parks. Everything I could need is literally steps away. And as a dog owner it makes my walks more enjoyable to enjoy where I’m walking.

One thing I liked about the apartment was the kitchen. I am renting so I can’t make any modifications, but I love the white cabinets and the white brick back splash. I also love the cut out in the cabinets which is cute for decorating. The views of my NYC apartment are of other brownstones so I put some flowers in the kitchen window sill to cover the view a bit. This apartment definitely is not known for storage, so I have had to get creative (like turning my TV stand into a dresser) but the kitchen is pretty good in that department.

When I was shopping for a table I knew it had to be small so it didn’t stick out too far. This one is 30″ but it also comes in 36″ wide. My table and chairs actually aren’t a set but I think they go nicely together. In my living room which I’ll share soon I have stools that I can pull over if I have extra guests dining with me.

Working from home I cook a lot so I have a pretty well stocked kitchen. I pick up random gadgets all the time from all over the place. But I love this cookware set which is actually on sale right now! I like that it adds a little color to my kitchen. I also love this gold flatware which is super fun for entertaining.

Hope you enjoyed! I’ll have a few more NYC apartment decor posts coming for you once I have my apartment more decorated!



TOP ASOS | SCARF ASOS | BAG Tory Burch | SOCKS Lemon | BOOTS Sam Edelman | PHOTOGRAPHER My friend Dani

One of the main reasons why I started Styled American was to connect more with my readers. I originally started It Girl Weddings and wanted a place to talk about fashion, travel and lifestyle. It has been a fun journey and thank you for following along. I hope to inspire you each day! In an effort for you to get to know me better I thought it’d be fun to share 10 random facts about me! So let the facts begin!

I am TERRIBLE with cell phones. I actually have two phone lines so I get a free upgrade at least once a year. I’ve been known to drop them in water, leave them in cabs, put them through the washing machine and crack them to no end. The only thing I don’t like about having my cell phone insurance is that I get refurbished phones that tend to have their own issues. Like an ‘R’ not working or something else devastating. As a blogger, I’m trying to be more careful!!

This leads me to my next point which is that I’m incredibly clumsy! You might have noticed in a few posts that I’ll have a skinned knee or random red mark on my leg, that’s because I’ll miss steps and randomly fall everywhere! It’s super embarrassing!

I love to hum! How weird is this? When I used to drive a car in California I loved to sing in the car, so now when I’m commuting on the subway or walking a long distance I hum until I notice people can hear me. It ranges from a latest hit song to literally “I’ve been working on the railroad..”

I pride myself on being present. Being a blogger and in this age sometimes it’s hard to unplug, but when I’m at lunch or dinner with friends or family I put my phone away and try to be present in the moment.

My background is in real estate. I actually passed the real estate test in California, Arizona and New York. If I wasn’t blogging I’d probably be working at a commercial real estate landlord or brokerage.

I wear extensions. Almost everyday. I love them! I like them for thickness and also a little length. I’ve been getting them from a company out of San Diego and would definitely recommend them!!

Travel is my favorite hobby aside from fashion. The entire world is on my travel list. Again, again and again. I have been to London, Paris and many cities in Italy and would go back any day of the week!

Currently I live in the West Village. I have previously lived in midtown east, the upper west side and Chelsea, but this is my favorite neighborhood! I don’t have the fabulous views I once had but I love that restaurants are steps away and all my friends stop by more often because I’m in a really accessible area.

My favorite food and drink of choice? Food is definitely whole wheat pasta with red sauce or burritos. I’m sort of obsessed with both. I eat one of these almost everyday! And in terms of drinks I typically only drink three things. Water, coffee and wine!

I have lived in four states. I was made in California. Refined in Oregon and Arizona. And captured by New York.

Hope you enjoyed these random facts about me!


SWEATER Madewell | PINK LEATHER SKIRT ChicWish | BOOTS Steve Madden | BAG Chanel

My pink leather skirt is one of my new favorite skirts as I love wearing pink and leather. It’s a great piece to add a little color to an outfit. I found a few other cute pink leather skirts and linked them below! My sweater is sold out but I found a similar one by Madewell and linked it above. I am so looking forward to warmer weather and to pull out all my new Spring finds.

I did some online shopping today and picked up a few new pieces for Spring from ChicWish. Have you guys ever shopped there? They have really cute trendy pieces and always at affordable pricing. I’m definitely adding a lot of stripes and gingham to my Spring wardrobe. Also tassels , more pink leather and pom poms are always on my list! Can’t wait for the warmer temps to get here! I’m ready for the new season!